What is FUE Hair Transplant?

FUE stands for Follicular Unit Extraction and it is the most widely used hair transplant technique nowadays. It is a proven and efficient minimally invasive procedure to restore the lost hair naturally. This method allows the hair transplant surgeons to harvest the hair grafts one by one from the patient’s donor area. The extraction of one follicular unit at a time makes this technique the most preferred amongst all.

 The procedure of FUE hair transplant can be described in the following steps:

Hairline Designing: The doctor will initially create your hairline before starting the procedure. Afterward, he will mark the suitable donor area from where the grafts will be removed.

Trimming of Donor Hair: In order to facilitate the identification of strong and healthy donor hairs, your donor area will be trimmed.

Local Anesthesia: The patient will be then given a local anesthetic injection to numb the surgical area. The main purpose of local anesthesia is to avoid pain and discomfort during the surgical procedure.

Extraction of Hair Grafts: Once the donor area is prepared for extraction, the surgeon will remove the hair grafts one by one, by making the small circular incisions around them.

Slitting: The professional technicians will then examine the removed follicular grafts and store them at a low temperature. To ensure the natural placement of each follicular unit, the doctor will make the tiny incisions in your recipient area.

Implantation of Hair Grafts: The final step is to strategically place the extracted hair grafts one by one in the small incisions by taking the utmost care of right depth and angle.

Advantages of FUE:

Unlike the FUT method, FUE is a stitch-less technique of hair restoration that does not involve any stitches.The scars are less noticeable, almost invisible. The incisions made are so small that they are generally not visible to the naked eye.It requires less time for recovery and the patients can resume their normal activities within 3 – 4 days only.Other than scalp hair restoration, the FUE technique is also used for a number of other hair transplant procedures such as beard, eyebrow, moustache, eyelashes and body hair transplant.

 Disadvantages of FUE:

FUE is comparatively costlier than the FUT hair restoration method.Sometimes, it does not fulfill the requirements for large bald areas.The larger hair transplants with more than average grafting require more than one session.